Cocaine Charges

Felony Charges for Cocaine in Ohio

The use of powder cocaine has been glamorized in movies. The use of crack cocaine has become a popular recreational drug because of its lower cost. In Ohio, as in many other states, there is a disparity between how drug possession of powder cocaine and crack cocaine are treated. Ohio law states that 25-100 grams of powder cocaine will be a third-degree felony, but just 10 grams of crack cocaine are needed to reach the third-degree felony level.

There is one key factor for any weight and any form of cocaine: It is always charged as a felony.

Contact the Law Office of Kirk A. Migdal or call 330-608-6273 for criminal defense of your cocaine charge. The Law Office of Kirk A. Migdal, located in Akron, Ohio, is a law office that focuses exclusively on criminal defense.

Criminal Defense for Crack or Powder Cocaine

Cocaine in either form is a controlled substance. Attorney Migdal has represented hundreds of defendants with drug possession charges. Whether you are a student on campus, a trucker passing through Akron or a stay-at-home parent, attorney Migdal can provide a vigorous criminal defense. He is known for his knowledge of the law and for finding creative ways to get charges dismissed or obtain an acquittal:

  • The level of felony charge will depend upon the weight of the drug, whether it is for simple possession, manufacturing or for possession with intent to sell.
  • A common scenario is to be stopped for a traffic infraction and then searched. Illegal search and seizure provides a potential criminal defense option.
  • If you refuse the drug test and are convicted of drug possession, you will lose your driver's license for one year.
  • A felony conviction can affect your job, your college scholarship or enrollment, your family relationships and more.
  • Proactive enrollment in a drug treatment program is often a good defensive strategy.

"I'd Like to Speak to My Lawyer."

If you were arrested for either a powder or crack cocaine felony charge, it is a good idea to say nothing until you speak with experienced criminal defense attorney Kirk Migdal. He has saved lives, marriages, driving privileges, reputations and more. Call the law office at 330-608-6273 or send an e-mail to arrange for an initial consultation.
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